In the old farmhouse owned by the family since 200 years, known as La Berchialla, in Barbaresco, the Olek Bondonio Wine Cellar was founded with great enthusiasm in 2005. At La Berchialla, the magical fragrance of the land which is home to vines and vineyards kissed by ideal climatic conditions, strongly reminded me of the great wine regions which I had encountered around the world and where I had spent a decade working hard in various cellars.
Fortified by experience and realizing how lucky I was, I decided to pull my sleeves up!

Not only do I cultivate the vineyards personally in order to obtain exactly the right grapes needed, but I also follow every procedure during vinification because I’ve learnt that quality cannot be achieved in a light-hearted way.

Even in the cellar, I avoid certain technological short cuts, preferring the more traditional methods.

The small amount of wine obtained, is made for those who appreciate all the efforts undergone in order to achieve it, and who love a unique wine that is characterized by it’s land of origin, with that ‘certain flavour’ reminiscent of us, Langhe folk.

Cascina La Berchialla - Via Terzolo 14 - 12050 Barbaresco (CN) - Italy - Tel. +39 3387421620 - info@olekbondonio.it - P.IVA n° 03005770049
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